Women’s specialized health service

Our Cha Pelvic Health Physical Therapy offers the specialized services for women with pelvic floor disorders. With advanced technology and personalized care plans, our team of compassionate experts helps return women to their quality of life.


What We Treat

Pelvic health throughout stage of life
- Urinary frequency or urgency
- Leaking of urine, feces or gas (incontinence)
- Pelvic organ or rectal prolapse
- Pain with intercourse (dyspareunia, vulvodynia, vaginismus)
- Constipation
- Rectal pain
- Abdominal and pelvic girdle pain
- Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
- Coccyx/Tailbone Pain
- Endometriosis or menstrual discomfort
- Pelvic organ prolapse or symptoms of pelvic heaviness
- Testicular and groin pain

During Pregnancy
- Back pain and pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy
- Perineal massage and preparation to prevent tearing during vaginal delivery
- Pelvic floor strengthening and motor control to prevent urinary incontinence
- Core strengthening to prevent diastasis recti

- Post-Partum discomfort and reconditioning
- Post-Cesarean birth rehabilitation
- Abdominal separation (diastasis recti)
- Painful intercourse



- Biofeedback therapy – computer graphs and audible tones show you the muscles you are exercising. It allows a therapist to measure muscle strength and individualize an exercise program
- Pelvic floor muscles re-education
- Bladder/toilet training
- Functional electrical muscle stimulation
- Manual therapy techniques
- Postural stabilization
- Personalized therapeutic exercise
- Bladder/toilet training
- Behavioral modification
- Home dilator use
- Taping